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to contact me...kizzdesigns@telus.net
I am an independent indie jewelry artist and my passion is to combine beads, gemstones and  metals to create one of a kind jewelry.  I find  inspiration from the materials themselves.  My goal is to design unique jewelry for any occasion that you will want to have and love to wear.This site is just a glimpse of my work.  Please explore my studios and blog to see what I have to offer.  Become a fan and keep up to date with KIZZ designs through my facebook store page and interact with me daily on twitter.Welcome!
                Breast Cancer Awareness.  These are my handcrafted awareness ribbons.  I make these ribbons from personal inspiration; not only for so many others whom have dealt with this disease but for me.... I battled breast cancer in 2007 and won.  I want to contribute to finding the cure for this disease that takes so many young women.  With every  piece of  awareness jewelry I design and sell, I donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.The tags I attach to my designs have a very personal meaning.            "KIZZ "  is for me, my designs.            "BELIEVE"  is for you.For me, it represents hope. When I was diagnosed, a friend of mine gave me a stone with the word "believe" carved on it. She gave it to me to carry and told me to..."Always believe and you will stay strong."So I did.I carried it. I believed. I stayed strong.Soooo.....I want to share it.Always believe. It will help you stay strong.Now, each of my pieces are complete.